Yelp Introduces Yelp Connect: A New Social Media Tool for Businesses

Yelp has always been a go-to platform for business reviews and discovering local services and eateries. But with the introduction of Yelp Connect, Yelp is expanding its capabilities, offering businesses a new way to engage directly with customers. Let’s dive into what Yelp Connect is and how it could be beneficial for your business.

What is Yelp Connect?

Yelp Connect is essentially a social media tool integrated within Yelp’s platform. It appears as a section on your business’s Yelp page, providing a space where you can post updates and communicate directly with your audience. Unlike traditional Yelp features, which limit you to a single business listing, Yelp Connect allows you to upload multiple videos and leverage some aspects of SEO and textual content.

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Features and Benefits

One of the key benefits of Yelp Connect is its capability to give businesses more screen time on the platform. If you have special offers, announcements, or updates—such as temporary closures or changes in service (like switching to takeout and delivery only)—you can easily share these with both new and existing customers. This feature is not widely adopted yet, giving early users a unique edge over competitors.


Costs and Considerations

However, it’s important to note that this added functionality comes at a cost—approximately $60 per month. This fee may be a consideration for small businesses weighing the potential benefits against the expense.

Costs and Considerations


In summary, Yelp Connect offers a promising new avenue for businesses looking to enhance their visibility and direct engagement with customers on Yelp. It adds a layer of social media interaction that can be tailored to keep your audience informed and engaged. Whether this tool is right for you will depend on your marketing goals and budget. As it’s still a relatively new feature, keeping an eye on how it evolves and how competitors are using it could be beneficial for your strategy moving forward.

Thank you for exploring Yelp Connect with us! Stay tuned for more updates and tips on leveraging new features for your business success.

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