In the ever-evolving world of property management, staying organized and efficient is paramount to success. With the emergence of innovative Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software like ScoreBig, property managers now have access to powerful automation tools that can revolutionize the way they operate. In this blog post, we will delve deep into ScoreBig’s automation capabilities and explore how it can streamline property management tasks, saving valuable time and resources.

The Power of Automation in Property Management

Automation is a game-changer for property managers, allowing them to simplify complex processes, reduce manual workload, and enhance customer experiences. ScoreBig, the Sales and Marketing CRM offered and supported only by, has harnessed the full potential of automation to bring efficiency to property management operations. One thing to note, although ScoreBig is a piece of software, it can operate and bring success to property management companies with practically zero effort. It is also built and used from the ground up by a property management company to solve problems mainly in the area of sales and marketing.

A Seamless Transition

Unlike some other CRM systems, ScoreBig offers a base model of software that starts working right away. Property managers can hit the ground running without the need for extensive setup or customization. This seamless transition is invaluable in an industry where time is of the essence. When you sign up to work with, the first step is a personalized 1+1 onboarding call with one of our expert technicians. On this 45 minute call, we will get an understanding of your business and fill in as many gaps as we can right then and there. Although, we do provide support and training videos, we believe that a hands on approach will get you up and running quickly.

The Visual Sales Pipeline

ScoreBig’s visual pipeline is a thing of beauty. Developed by a property management company that relied on it to skyrocket their growth, it’s designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Property managers can effortlessly track leads, opportunities, and clients as they progress through the sales funnel. This visual representation provides a clear and concise way to visualize your business’s growth and efficiently manage leads. Each step (or stage) of the sales pipeline can trigger unique automation steps for your prospects and internal team in the form of emails, texts, voicemails, action items, tasks, reminders, and so much more.

Automated Follow-ups

One of the standout features of ScoreBig’s automation is its ability to handle follow-up seamlessly. It goes beyond simple email reminders; ScoreBig can automate dozens of follow-up actions, including emails, text messages, and integration messages with popular online tools like Google Chat and Facebook Messenger and even Yelp! This multifaceted approach ensures that no lead source goes unnoticed, and every potential client receives timely communication.

Custom Workflows for Every Need

ScoreBig’s flexibility shines when it comes to custom workflows. Property management businesses can tailor these workflows to their specific needs, allowing for more automation and systemization. For instance, consider the Property Management Agreement (PMA) signing process. This critical step can often lead to prospects slipping through the cracks or abandoning the process. ScoreBig’s custom workflows can be designed to address this issue.

Imagine a workflow that not only follows up with prospects but also alerts your internal property management team to kickstart the onboarding process. While the prospect is reminded to sign the PMA, your internal team can begin preparations. The result? A 20% – 50% reduction in drop-offs during this crucial stage. ScoreBig’s custom workflows are a powerful tool to prevent prospects from ghosting your property management company.

Reporting and Analytics

In addition to automation, ScoreBig provides robust reporting and analytics tools. Property managers can make data-driven decisions by easily identifying closing ratios, tracking inbound and outbound phone calls, monitoring email and text message statistics, and assessing the performance of Google Ad and Facebook Ad campaigns. Built-in Google Analytics integration further enhances the ability to analyze and optimize marketing efforts.


ScoreBig’s automation capabilities are a game-changer in the property management industry. With its user-friendly base model, visual sales pipeline, automated follow-ups, and customizable workflows, it empowers property managers to work more efficiently and effectively. The combination of automation and analytics ensures that leads are nurtured, tasks are streamlined, and data drives decision-making.

In an industry where time is money, ScoreBig offers property management professionals the tools they need to succeed. As property managers explore new ways to optimize their operations, automation with ScoreBig stands out as a valuable asset in their toolbox, allowing them to focus on what truly matters—delivering exceptional property management services to their clients.

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