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In the fast-paced world of property management, having the right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can make a world of difference in efficiency and profitability. While LeadSimple has established itself as a trusted CRM solution in this industry, it’s essential to explore alternatives that might better suit your unique needs. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at ScoreBig, an alternative CRM offered by DM4PM.com, and see how it stacks up against LeadSimple.

LeadSimple: (excellent software)

eadSimple is a CRM system designed specifically for the property management industry. It offers a range of features, including lead tracking, communication management, workflow automation, and more. LeadSimple has garnered a solid reputation for its user-friendly interface and industry-specific tools, making it a popular choice among property management professionals.

ScoreBig:(excellent software) AND  – A Viable Alternative THAT WILL SAVE YOU MONEY AND BE MORE EFFECTIVE. 

ScoreBig is an emerging CRM solution offered by DM4PM.com, and it aims to provide property management professionals with a robust and efficient toolset. While it might not have the same level of recognition as LeadSimple, it offers several compelling features that make it a worthy alternative. It’s worth doing a demo or at least watching some of the videos. 

Key Features of ScoreBig

  • Customization: ScoreBig allows users to work directly with our developers in a 1+1 environment to tailor their CRM experience to meet their specific needs. From custom fields and workflows to personalized dashboards, users can adapt ScoreBig to match their unique property management processes. The team at DM4PM.com also allows for custom workflows to be built to specifically take care of processes in the business that could be systemized and automated. For example, the PMA (Property Management Agreement) signing process often allows prospects to slip through the cracks or ghost on a company. With this system built in and customized to your business, for following up and signing the agreement, the agreements will never slip through the cracks again.
  • Video: ScoreBig comes out of the box with several videos that can help in the introduction to property management. Including “What is Property Management?” and “Why Hire a Property Manager,” among dozens more videos that can be used in marketing campaigns and on the company’s website. This added feature alone can be worth the price of admission.
  • Automation: Like LeadSimple, ScoreBig offers workflow automation capabilities, streamlining repetitive tasks and saving valuable time for property managers. Unlike LeadSimple, the team of developers who built ScoreBig have a base model of the software that will start working right away. The sales pipeline has a beautiful simplicity coupled with dozens of follow-up emails, text messages, and integration messages with popular online tools like Google Chat and Facebook Messenger make this a perfect solution for monitoring every lead source all in one place.
  • Reporting and Analytics: ScoreBig provides in-depth reporting and analytics tools, helping property managers make data-driven decisions and track the performance of their marketing and sales efforts. Having a clear vision of the financial health of the company is essEasily identify closing ratio, inbound and outbound phone call reporting, email and text message statistics, Google Ad/Facebook Ad reporting, built-in Google Analytics, and so much more.
  • Pricing: One notable advantage of ScoreBig is its competitive pricing structure, making it an attractive option for property management businesses of all sizes. Unlike LeadSimple, which charges per user, the ScoreBig platform offers unlimited users for the same monthly price. This feature is very attractive and can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for medium to larger teams.

ScoreBig’s Unique Advantages

  • Out-of-the-Box Pre-Built Campaigns: ScoreBig comes equipped with a treasure trove of pre-built campaigns that are designed to work seamlessly. These campaigns are ready to take a new lead from the prospect stage through the entire sales pipeline. The beauty of ScoreBig’s campaigns lies in their automation, ensuring that text and email messages are sent automatically at each crucial stage of the lead nurturing process.
  • Efficient Lead Nurturing: ScoreBig’s automated lead nurturing process is a game-changer. It effortlessly guides leads from their initial prospect status all the way to signing a Property Management Agreement (PMA). This hands-off approach ensures that no lead is left unattended, increasing the chances of conversion.
  • Omni-Channel Communication Hub: This is one of the best advantages of using ScoreBig. Whether on desktop or mobile, it’s a one-stop shop for monitoring and responding to all communication channels, including phone, email, text, Google Chat, Facebook Messenger, and more. The sales team or admin person can easily identify and reply in one place to all the communication channels that are coming into the business.
  • Visual Pipeline: ScoreBig boasts a visually intuitive pipeline that was meticulously developed by a property management company that relied on it to skyrocket their growth. This tool is invaluable in keeping track of leads, opportunities, and clients as they progress through your sales funnel. It’s a clear and concise way to visualize your business’s growth and manage leads efficiently.
  • Campaign Diversity: ScoreBig’s campaign library offers a plethora of options catering to various scenarios and needs. Some of the noteworthy campaigns include:
    • Short-term lead nurturing: Perfect for quickly converting leads.
    • Appointment reminders: Ensures your appointments are never missed.
    • Review requests: Encourages satisfied clients to leave positive reviews.
    • Reactivation of abandoned or lost prospects: Brings back leads that may have fallen through the cracks.

When considering a CRM solution for property management, it’s crucial to evaluate alternatives to established options like LeadSimple. ScoreBig, offered by DM4PM.com, presents a viable alternative with customizable features and competitive pricing. While LeadSimple continues to be a trusted choice, exploring options like ScoreBig can help property management professionals find the CRM system that best suits their unique requirements. Ultimately, the right CRM choice will depend on your specific needs, preferences, and budget.

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