SEO for Google Maps and GBP

Bet Better Rankings Where It Counts (Google Business Places SEO)
Good for less than 250K Population
Improve Google Maps Visibility
  • Monthly Local Visibility Reporting
  • Local SEO Audit and Strategy Planning
  • Local On-Page Optimization
  • (5 Hrs) Custom Signals
  • Niche and Local Signal Creation
  • Brand Foundation Creation
  • GMB/GBP Listing Optimization
  • Local Video Optimization
  • Stacked Signal Creation
  • Brand & Signal Boosting
  • GBP Entity Optimization & Local Schema


Good for 250K-500k Population
+ Local Community News Posting
  • Everything in the Bronze plus these Advanced Tactics
  • Patch/Community News Posts
  • Entity Data Page
  • (10hrs) Custom Signals
  • Top Ranking Listing Service
  • Local Points of Interest
  • Local News of Interest
  • DR30+ Branded Guest Post with Map Embed
  • Local Link Building
  • Niche and Local Signals Creation
  • More Niche, Local and Brand Signals Necessary for Maps


Good for 500k-1.5m Population
+ Geo Hub Pages & Local Links
  • Everything in the Silver GBP plus all New Maps Tactics
  • (3) Patch/Community News Posts
  • (15 hrs) Custom Signals
  • Geo Hub Page Optimization
  • Niche Hub Page Optimization
  • Quarterly Local On-Page
  • Quarterly Local SEO Strategy Review
  • Bi Annual Press Release
  • Local Link Building
  • Niche and Local Signals Creation
  • New On-Page Tactics to Increase Your Maps


Good for more than 1.5m Population
+ Paid Citations & Signals
  • Everything in the Gold plus Paid Citations and Advanced Local Link Building
  • (4) Patch/Community News Posts
  • Monthly Paid Business Listings
  • Monthly Guest Posting
  • Quarterly Google News Link Building
  • (15 Hrs) Custom Signals
  • News and Event Posts
  • Rich Media NAP Mentions
  • Local Link Building
  • Niche and Local Signals Creation
  • Front-loaded for Quickest Maps Wins