To Frequently Asked Questions

It’s important to automate several areas of your sales team. Physically calling/emailing and keeping track of which leads to follow up with, when to follow up, and how many times to follow up, can be challenging. The maintenance and management of a sales pipeline can also be difficult. This is why a smart and efficient automated system is important.

When a new lead comes in via phone call or email, it is crucial that they be attended to immediately.

What if a prospective client calls you and no one answers? What if your team doesn’t get back to that prospective client until the next day, or even worse, several days later? You can be losing business, and that’s where this automation keeps your missed calls engaged and on the hook.

Someone calls your office, no one answers, your team receives an email and a text letting them know they missed a call, we provide your team with the contact’s phone number and ask them to call them ASAP. Meanwhile, our system sends a text message from your business to the contact telling them that someone will call them back ASAP. Our system will then identify if this is an existing contact in your database, if it is not, the likelihood of it being a prospect increases, so we further engage them. 

We send the contact a form to fill out to let us know if they are a prospective owner, tenant, or vendor. If they are a prospective owner, your team gets another nudge and we now drop the prospective owner into a lead nurture campaign where they will receive emails and texts about your business.

Most businesses are closed from Friday 5pm to Monday 7am. But many owner prospects are researching and looking for a property management company during their off hours. If prospects reach out on the weekends and your sales team is not answering calls, or not returning calls, we engage your prospects with some emails and texts about your company, and we let them know that someone will be in touch with them when your office opens back up on Monday morning. Meanwhile, we also alert your sales team on Monday morning to request that they call this prospect back ASAP.

Video is important for every company, but especially important for a company that offers services of managing some of the bigger investments people have in their lives. You want people to see who you are, what you do, what your current clients say about you, what your current offers are, what properties do you currently have available for rent, and more.

Video is the prime form of content to engage people and create a relationship with an audience, as it is important to put a face and a voice to your company’s name. Without video, you are just another property management website on the web like everyone else.

We are passionate about finding solutions to the biggest headaches and time consuming tasks for our property management clients. As a property management company ourselves, we developed an agency to provide specific solutions to our industry’s specific issues and difficulties.