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  • Everything in Basic +
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Video content doesn’t have
to be expensive at all!

In fact, Video can be effective and inexpensive if done right.
What can you use our Review Video for?
  • Gaining massive brand recognition
  • Building trust and authority
  • For your email follow-ups with new prospects
  • Video link in your email signature
  • Advertise on YouTube and target people shopping for property managers
  • Place it on your website homepage and keep visitors engaged on your site longer!
  • Use it in your social media and pin it to the top or publish new ones monthly!
review video

We have identified six main types of videos that every property manager should have:

Review Video Demo

For brand awareness and trust building.

Offer Video Demo

So you can get new offers and promos in front of your prospects and email list to entice them to do business with you.

Sales Video Demo

Let the videos do the heavy lifting in educating people why YOU are better than the rest.

Owner Vlog Video Demo

People do business with people. Let people get to know you before talking to you on the phone.

FAQ Vlog Video Demo

Save time and money by using Frequently Asked Questions videos to answer all the questions so you don’t have to!

Rental Tour Video Demo

Get your properties rented faster and easier with short and easy-to-watch tours of your rentals.

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